What is The Origin of Gold?

Alchemists in the Middle Ages attempted to transform ordinary lead into precious gold in order to attain the impossible. Attempting to accomplish this was a waste of time. Although they are represented in history as mad and insane, alchemists were just a few centuries ahead of their time in terms of scientific advancement. We can make gold using the current technologies available.

In order to understand how gold came to play such a vital role in our civilization, we need to go into its roots. As a result, don’t forget your telescope or binoculars, because the initial half of our story takes place in the vastness of space.

Origins of Life on Other Planets

Like other metals, gold is mined from space rather than the Earth’s crust. A star is composed primarily of helium and hydrogen, the two elements that produce light. The star’s core is powered by nuclear fusion, a process that takes place in its interior. When a star reaches the end of its life cycle, a tremendous explosion known as a supernova occurs.

A star in the process of collapsing creates a great amount of pressure, which forces protons and electrons to unite to make a neutron. To get rid of neutrons, heavier metals such as iron don’t have to worry about repulsion since they don’t have an electric charge. The heavier elements begin to form as more neutrons are absorbed by iron.

The real mystery here is how all of this cosmic wealth ended up in our house in the first place. A supernova explosion spews gas and dust into space, resulting in the formation of planets. Possibly, the gold atoms were distributed across the cosmic cloud that eventually gave origin to Earth.

Since then, a few billion years have passed, and we now mine this precious metal to make a variety of items, including jewelry, computer chips, and false teeth…

What is the best place on the planet to look for gold?

All of the gold that was generated in the stars ended up in the core of the Earth. It wasn’t long before asteroids struck the Earth, bringing gold to the surface. In the absence of this, there would be no readily available gold for humans to mine.

In today’s world, gold can be extracted from rock ores and is found on nearly every continent. The great majority of gold was able to sink to the ocean floor due to its high specific gravity. Oceans may contain up to 40 million kilograms of gold, according to recent research.

Earthquakes can also aid in the formation of gold deposits. When faults shift, water rich in minerals is freed from compression. Quartz and gold in the form of thin strips are left on the stony surfaces after the water has evaporated. Volcanoes, too, go through periods of eruptive activity.

South Africa and India are home to the world’s two largest gold deposits. Just under Johannesburg, a gold deposit has been discovered. India’s Kolar region is well-known for its wealth in precious metals, and Indians are the primary consumers of gold and gold-related commodities worldwide.

How Much Gold Is There on the Planet?

Approximately 190,040 metric tons of gold have been removed from the earth during the course of human history, according to the World Gold Council. Estimated at $7.5 trillion, the world’s gold hoard is worth an estimated 85 percent of that. 190,040 metric tons of gold would only be enough to cover four Olympic-sized swimming pools due to the high density of the metal.

The outermost layer of the Earth’s crust still contains around a million tons of gold. The amount of material present in the mantle and core is unknown, although it is widely believed to be significantly more than that found in the Earth’s crust.

What is it about gold that humans find so appealing?

Over the span of human history, gold has retained a firm grasp on our culture and civilization. It is one of the most sought-after elements in the world because of its timeless beauty and adaptability. Gold was revered by the Aztecs as a relic of the gods. How can we justify spending so much money on something that is so expensive in this day and age of sophisticated technology and abounding resources?

As a starting point, there is a finite amount of gold in existence. When it comes to scarcity, silver and copper can’t even come close to gold. Because of this, the value of gold has increased dramatically. In addition, gold has unique properties that other metals lack. Since it doesn’t rust, it can be sculpted into incredibly detailed patterns and shapes. It’s possible to pound an ounce of gold into a sheet that’s 100 square feet in area.

Let’s face it: Gold is enticing, and when we have it, we want to show it off. As a result, most jewelry contains a significant amount of gold. Throughout history, rulers from all around the world have used gold to demonstrate their divine dominance.

Until the early 1960s, the bulk of Western economies was on the gold standard. This was done by pledging a specific amount of gold to the currency’s worth. A total of 147.3 million ounces of gold are still held by the United States in reserve at Fort Knox.

As a sign of riches and a fashion statement, gold may also be used in a variety of practical ways. One of its most critical uses is as a means to transport electrical energy. Our PCs and mobile devices can benefit greatly from this resource’s corrosion resistance.

What is the current use of gold in our society?

Because of its extreme malleability, gold can be shaped into virtually any shape. Gold may be used in a variety of ways in today’s environment.

Affluence and Money Matters

Because of its rarity, gold is highly prized by the general public. Because of its mobility, ease of distinction, and simplicity of division, gold was formerly used as collateral for various new paper currencies. People in the United States had the option of exchanging their paper cash for gold valued the same as their paper currency.

Historically, the gold standard was used by the vast majority of today’s industrialized nations. However, no one uses it now since it proved to be too difficult to administer in the beginning. For personal financial transactions, gold coins and bars are rarely used. People do this, though, to create their personal investment portfolios. Over the past few decades, the price of an ounce of gold has been stable at around $1,600.


Electrical equipment manufacturing is one of the most common and major uses of gold. Replacement of corroded electronic components with gold, which does not tarnish, provides the best option for solid-state electronics. Gold is commonly used in wiring, switches, connectors, and soldered joints because of its excellent reliability.

Almost all contemporary electrical devices include some amount of gold. Mobile phones, global positioning systems (GPS), laptops, and calculators are all examples of portable gadgets that use this technology. Almost every industry uses gold in the manufacturing of televisions and other products.

Each electrical gadget contains around fifty cents worth of gold. Many precious metals are squandered due to the fact that very few individuals recycle their electronic equipment. Every year, thousands of dollars worth of gold are thrown away because of this.


With a little bit of gold, you’ll look like you’ve got an extra dose of confidence to go around. Many dentists use gold because of its long-lasting function and gorgeous look. There are several orthodontic dental products that are created of precious metals by orthodontists.

The use of gold in dentistry was far more frequent prior to the 1970s. Consumers bought significantly less gold as a result of the price explosion. Because it is safer and more effective than other materials, the use of gold has recently increased in dental operations.


Aside from the treatment table, gold is also effective in the fight against rheumatoid arthritis and some malignancies. The eyelids of some patients with lagophthalmos, a condition in which you are unable to totally close your eyes, may be treated with a very little amount of gold by some medical practitioners. Because of the pressure of the solid gold on the eyelids, patients are able to completely shut their eyes during treatment.

Gold may also be used to detect the presence of HIV or AIDS. Diagnostic methods benefit from the gold particles’ capacity to identify target compounds at low concentrations. Researchers and doctors have been experimenting with a number of gold-based drugs in an attempt to treat the disease. Though there is no known cure for the disease, researchers are optimistic about the future.


Gold was first discovered in space, and now it is slowly returning there. Getting something into space requires a substantial investment of money (ask Elon Musk). Instead of using brittle steel, why not use gold? This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows anything about NASA’s spacecraft.

In order to properly regulate their internal temperatures, several spacecraft include gold-coated surfaces. Without it, dark regions would absorb too much heat, resulting in catastrophic failures. Gold’s low shear strength makes it an ideal lubricant for use in space’s microgravity.

When it comes to space exploration, it’s safe to say that without gold, we wouldn’t have the ability to do so.


Gold may be found practically everywhere a royal family exists. Gold is a status symbol since it has been used by royalty throughout history, which has led to its extensive use in the jewelry industry. This metal, although not the most durable, is perfect for making an impression on people because of its scarcity and high social position.

It’s common knowledge that the word “high-quality” or “the greatest” is associated with the metal gold. The winner of a race is usually given a gold medal as a reward. The “gold package” refers to the most costly bundle. The Academy Awards statuette is made of gold, while the Golden Globes award is made of gold as well.

In addition, many religious buildings contain vast quantities of gold inside their construction. As a result, it’s safe to say that gold is a symbol of success.


We want to know your thoughts on gold. Do you think its stellar reputation is well-deserved? Do you think you’d be interested in making a purchase? For better or for worse, we can’t dispute that gold has had an influence on our civilization. It’s a good thing that people now have access to more civilized methods of getting gold.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of gold and are eager to get your hands on a few bars of the precious metal. Wearing one may be both an investment and a fun way to get noticed in the city. If you’re interested in learning more about how to accumulate wealth via the usage of gold, have a look at some of our articles on gold investment.