Jack Hunt Coin Broker Review

The company known as Jack Hunt Coin Broker (JHCB) can be found online at www.jackhunt.com. This precious metals dealer focuses on the purchase and sale of gold and silver coins as well as bullion. In addition to that, they purchase large quantities of scrap metals from local pawnshops, collectors, and jewelry stores. The company was established in 1968, and it has been actively serving the Buffalo, New York community for the better part of the last half of a century. From its inception in 1979 up until that year, the company’s primary focus was on the distribution of numismatic coins at wholesale prices. In contrast, during the 1980s, JHCB shifted its business focus from buying and selling coins and bullion to purchasing scrap precious metals. Since that time, the business has transacted the purchase and sale of greater than 35 million troy ounces of gold, silver, and platinum.

Towards an Introduction to the Administration

The company Jack Hunt Coin Broker is named after its namesake, Mr. Jack Hunt, who also serves as its owner and chief executive officer. On the other hand, Jack Hunt’s son, Scott Hunt, has been running the business for the past few years in his father’s place as President. Canisius College granted Scott a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing in 1991, and he spent the previous 20 years working for the company that his father founded before being elevated to the position of President.

Feedback on the Jack Hunt Coin, including Ratings and Objections (Last Updated January 2020)

The following is a compilation of the highest possible ratings and reviews obtained from some of the most well-known online business and website directories:

  • BBB Rating: No Rating (Details)
  • During the past three years, the BBB has received no complaints about this company (Details)
  • BCA: B (Details)
  • Complaints received by the BCA during the preceding three years totaled zero (Details)
  • There is no rating for CitySearch at this time (Details)
  • Google+ Currently Has No Ratings Available (Profile)
  • Not Listed in the Rip-Off Report.
  • SiteJabber Receives No Stars (Details)
  • Trustlink: Not Listed
  • Yellow Pages: Ratings Not Available (Details)
  • Yelp rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 (4.5 out of 5) based on 3 customer reviews (Details)

Prices of Coins Offered by Jack Hunt and Products Offered By Jack Hunt

JackHunt.com is JHCB’s wholesale website, and it is through this website that the company sells gold and silver coins in bulk to authorized coin dealers. If you are an individual looking to purchase coins to be stored in an IRA, you might not be able to purchase precious metals through Jack Hunt’s wholesale division. However, you might have better luck purchasing precious metals through their retail website, which is located at JackHuntGoldSilver.com (JHGS). See the JHGS retail gold bullion catalog for more details on their available gold products as well as pricing information.

There is no mention of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) anywhere on either of Jack Hunt’s websites, and it would appear that the company does not provide any services related to the storage of precious metals. Therefore, if you were to purchase precious metals from JHCB or JHGS with the intention of depositing them directly into an IRA, the first step that you would need to take would be to select a custodian who would be willing to accept delivery of the metals on your behalf. This would be your responsibility as the buyer.

Details Regarding Jack Hunt Coin’s Contact Information

  • To contact the author: 2746 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore, New York 14217
  • Phone: 800-877-7424
  • Dial this number if you’re in the neighborhood: (716) 874-7777
  • Fax: (716) 873-1510

Jack hunt can be found online at http://www.jackhunt.com.

JackHuntGoldAndSilver.com is our alternate website for our retail business.

Pages of Particular Importance from the Website of Jack Hunt Coin

The Story Behind Us Page – A page on the JCHB retail website (JHGS) that provides information regarding the history of the company.

Gold Bullion Catalog – Sample listings of the gold bullion products that JHCB sells to its wholesale members.

Silver Bullion Catalog – Sample listings of silver bullion products that are available for purchase by JHCB’s wholesale customers.

Think About Your Other Investment Opportunities Before Putting Your Money in a Gold IRA.

In order to protect a portion of your wealth throughout retirement, the majority of financial advisors recommend allocating between 5 and 20 percent of your retirement portfolio to gold and other precious metals that offer protection against inflation.

Even though 5–20 percent of your holdings might not be the majority of what you own, in the event of a severe economic downturn or a global financial crisis, that minority might start to hold a majority in importance as the value of gold rises while the value of the dollar and other fiat currencies falls. As a result, determining how you will invest those seemingly insignificant 5–20 percentage points is one of the most important choices you will have to make when it comes to your retirement.

When comparing different providers of gold IRAs, the following are the three most significant aspects to take into consideration:

Is there a lot of positive feedback about this company online?

Does it offer competitive prices for the IRA-eligible bullion that it sells (including shipping policies and other factors)?

Is it affiliated with an IRA custodian that levies a one-time, fixed-rate fee, or does the custodians of this company levie fees on a sliding scale?

It ought not to be too difficult for you to respond to the first two questions that have been posted. The response to the third question, on the other hand, is not always so obvious. If you search through the pages on a company’s website that are related to IRAs, you can typically discover which IRA custodians the company is associated with. However, due to the fact that the company may at times request that their customers call for more information, the custodian fee structures are not always completely transparent.

When selecting a custodian, the factor that is, by far and away, the most important, in addition to the custodian’s reputation, of course, is whether or not they charge a low flat-rate fee that remains the same regardless of the amount of money that is held in the account. Working with a custodian who bases their fees on a sliding scale will not make it easier to make the best investment possible. This is because the cost of annual storage will rise as more precious metals are added to the account.

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