Investment Rarities Inc. Review

The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is home to the precious metals business known as Investment Rarities Inc. The company was established in 1973, and its primary area of expertise is in the purchase and sale of gold coins, as well as silver bars and coins. The company went through a period of rapid expansion in the first decade after it was established, and it has now generated revenue of more than $2 billion through the sale of bullion and coins.

In Regards to the Administration

Jim Cook, who serves as President, Owner, and CEO of Investment Rarities Inc., is the company’s founder. Pamela Lovett is recognized by the BBB as the organization’s manager. On their official website or anywhere else online, there is not a great deal of information provided about the company’s management staff or owner. Nevertheless, we were able to discover that the owner, Jim Cook, is the author of several books on the subject of precious metals. In addition to that, he publishes a Market Update Newsletter on a regular basis and maintains his own blog post archive.

Ratings and Customer Complaints for Investment Rarities, Inc.

The following is a compilation of ratings, reports, and reviews drawn from some of the most prominent online business directories:

  • BBB Rating: A+ (Details)
  • Complaints received by the Better Business Bureau: one over the past three years (Details)
  • Not Listed under BCA
  • Complaints to the BCA: Not Listed
  • CitySearch: 2 reviews, a strong recommendation is not given (Details)
  • There were two reports found for the ripoff (Details)
  • SiteJabber: Not Listed
  • Trustlink: Not Rated (Details)
  • Yellow Pages: Personal Description (Details)
  • Yelp rating: one star out of five (1/5), based on one customer review (Details)

Investment Rarities Inc.’s Current Price List and Product Offerings

Investment Rarities, Inc. is primarily known for being an industry leader in the sale of gold coins as well as silver bars and coins. In addition to that, they provide storage options through the Brinks Depository. It is currently GoldStar Trust Company that acts as the custodian for the individual retirement accounts (IRAs) that the business assists its customers in establishing. The amount that your IRA custodian charges for the storage of precious metals are the component that will have the greatest impact on the total cost of maintaining a precious metals IRA over the long term.

Others charge a low flat rate that remains the same regardless of how much is stored in the account, while still others charge a sliding scale fee that increases as more precious metals are deposited into the account. The second option is, without a doubt, the better choice for investors who are interested in maximizing the return on their investment. The annual storage and administrative fees charged by GoldStar Trust Company are determined using the following sliding scale chart:

GoldStar Trust Company Fee Chart

Fee Cost
Annual Maintenance Fee Eight-hundredths of 1% (0.0008) of the total market value of the assets in the account. Minimum fee is $60, maximum fee is $250 – Accounts at or under $75,000 in value will be charged the minimum of $60.
One-time Establishment/Application Fee

Processing/Transaction Fee

Distribution/Transfer/Wire Fee


$25 per transfer
Precious Metals Storage $1.00 per $1,000 value (10 basis points) – $100 minimum and no maximum. Fee is due when the account is established and is then billed annually based on the value of the precious metals in the account during the same month the account was created.

Details of How to Get in Touch With Investment Rarities Inc.

  • 7850 Metro Parkway, Suite 213 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55425-1533 Address:
  • Phone: 1-800-328-1860
  • Phone: (952) 853-0700
  • Fax: (952) 851-8732
  • Email:
  • Website:

Important Pages from the Website of Investment Rarities

  • The ‘Frequently Asked Questions list is the foundation of the FAQ section.
  • IRA Page – The clients will find instructions on how to begin the process of establishing an IRA with GoldStar Trust Company on this page.
  • Gold Coins give users access to the comprehensive catalog of gold coins that the company offers.
  • Portfolios – This section provides a few examples of gold and silver portfolios suitable for a range of investment amounts.

Always look at a few different companies before making a purchase.

Shop around before making any kind of investment in precious metals, especially one that will come from a portion of your retirement savings. This is especially important to do if the investment will come from your retirement savings. Even if a company has a perfect reputation and seems to have the best pricing possible, it is always advisable to shop around thoroughly.

It is not the same as simply ordering gold coins or bars online and having them delivered to your home or place of business if your objective is to put gold into an individual retirement account (IRA). When you want to put gold into an IRA, you need to find the right gold dealer. Instead, the gold dealer you buy your gold from will likely have a working relationship with one or more IRA custodians, which are the businesses that are tasked with the responsibility of storing the precious metals that are held in IRA accounts.

Therefore, selecting a custodian and/or a gold dealer that works with the right custodian(s) to provide the most affordable and reasonable annual storage and administrative fees is the most important aspect of making an ideal investment in a gold IRA. This is more important than purchasing the gold products for your IRA that are available at the lowest price.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in the event that you are an owner, representative, employee, or associate of Investment Rarities Inc. and you would like us to update or remove any information that is inaccurate or out of date from this review. In the interest of our audience, we make every effort to ensure that each and every one of our company reviews are completely accurate.

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